The Hook Perform targeted cross selling across your digital channels

What is The Hook? Enterprise ad management platform for your online banking, marketing sites, mobile and other digital channels that require precise audience targeting and retargeting.

Why do you need The Hook? Hosted within your bank, start cross selling the right products to the right customers based on their transactional data, demographics, psychographics and intent.

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Use Case Scenario:

  • Imagine a user is saving for a house, he/she visits your bank’s loan page and then the user goes onto another corporate website, a home loan ad is automatically displayed without the need for the user to log on to his/her internet banking site.
  • If the user have $5000 in excess for the past 3 months, a message advising the person to put his money in a fixed deposit is displayed with the exact amount in interests he/she would potentially earn if he/she signs up with the excess cash.

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