PFM for Banks Increase loyalty and retention

Why do banks need a PFM solution?

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The bottom line impact of offering online financial management.

PFM stands for Personal Financial Management and could also be referred to OFM (Online Financial Management). With numerous deployments in USA and Europe, it has been touted to be the next wave of online banking.

Personal Finance Management (PFM) functionality is the highest potential ROI project for retail financial institutions to implement in 2010 – Online Banking Report, May 2010


The next growth opportunity

  • Users spend double the time on PFM compared to online banking.
  • PFM can be an even more powerful retention technique than other online features, even bill payment.
  • Users consume more products and services, and are less likely to leave for another bank


Perfectsen’s PFM Solution Overview

Perfectsen focuses on bringing the best-of-class in PFM software to your bank that helps increase customer experience and the bottom line. Some highlights of our solution but limited to these are as below.


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