Aggregation Make your internet banking indispensable

Perfectsen’s account aggregation (PAA) is a service that will help you to aggregate the necessary data for your customers which can be processed and displayed in an integrated manner.  PAA is capable of collecting data via 2 methods:

  • Screen Scraping Engine, and
  • File Conversion Engine


Screen Scraping Engine

Screen scraping is implemented with custom ‘agents’ or ‘robots’ which is built to perform automated logins to the online accounts (i.e Internet Banking, Investment etc) and retrieve the intended transactions as and when requested, via an API call.

With a proven deployment across 80+ banks and utility companies through our partner across Europe, we are able to design a high-performance robot in a short time frame supporting multiple login processes such multi factor, Token ID etc. The output / results of the robot will be in JSON or XML format depending on client’s preference.

Screen Scraping Engine

Diagram above illustrate the PAA Screen Scraping Engine


File Conversion Engine

File conversion engine supports two types of services.

  •  Exported file format

This is a separate API than the Screen Scraping Engine and it allows file formats such as QIF, OFX, CSV and XLS to be converted into the same output as the screen scraping above. This is good for end users that are using existing applications such as Quicken to easily switch to your offering or for those that are less willing to reveal their usernames / passwords.

  • E-Statements

With the proliferation of banks adopting E-Statements for cost savings and environmental concerns, we have also enhanced the File Conversion API to support conversion of E-Statements (PDF) whether it’s encrypted, plain or password protected. Since each bank has a different text formatting for their statements, there’s a dedicated ‘Stub’ (labeled ‘s’ in the diagram below) for each bank on top of an AI algorithm to detect variances in formatting.


Setup & Deployment

The engines can be deployed in 2 different ways:

  • Self hosted

The client will be responsible to host the engines on a dedicated server of choice. The engines will report to Perfectsen for any errors involving the aggregation and receive updates for the robots and stubs.

  • SaaS

Everything will be hosted on a central server managed by Perfectsen. The client will then build the application to interface with the APIs for both the screen scraping and file conversion remotely.

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