There’s a discussion in a Linkedin group recently on the leading features that a PFM should have.  But what really is leading edge?

As a tool (PFM) designed to help me as a user manage my finances, it should help me answer 3 basic questions:

  1. Where does my money go? ->  a historical view of spending trends
  2. Where do i stand?  -> a current view of my cash position, debt, goals
  3. Where do i go from here? -> Ok now i know the 2 above, what should i be doing next?

A PFM should help answer all those questions with simplicity and ease. Helping me achieve my goals.

Now that’s leading edge.

Full disclosure: I have more than 5 credit cards in Malaysia and have been managing my finances (reluctantly) with Excel. Not the best way to do it but it’s really the best choice among the worst. With Perfectsen, I’m trying to build an alternative solution and one that would be almost …. ‘perfect’ :-) . If you are also frustrated with the way you are managing your finances and would like to join our ‘leading edge’ team to make it better, come and speak to us.