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Increasing conversion rates on banking websites & advertisements

As there seems to be an increase interest for banks and financial institutions to revamp their banking website, I would like to share a recent study conducted by Kiss Metrics on how colours affect conversions. ¬†Colours have a powerful psychological influence on the human brain….

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What is PFM ?

A PFM ( Personal Finance Management ) solution is a software that enables one to have control and a better understanding on their financial state. It can be use both ways, either to lower your debt or to increase your wealth. Standard PFM features include…

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Top 10 Possible Trends in Retail Banking for 2012

As we usher in 2012, a year that will be challenging for many financial institutions / banks but at the same time presents a chance for growth and innovation. Here are some trends, predictions and focus that we might potentially see in the realm of…

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