Kuala Lumpur, 6th May 2013 – Perfectsen is pleased to announce that we have been selected as a semi-finalist of the Innotribe Startup Challenge, honouring the company as one of the most promising financial technology and financial services startups. On 16th May, Perfectsen will compete against 14 other startups at Innotribe Challenge Showcase in Singapore to secure a place as a finalist for the $50,000 grand prize and continuous exposure to investors and financial institutions via the SWIFT global community.

Innotribe, SWIFT’s initiative to foster collaborative innovation in financial services, and a panel of industry experts selected 15 semi-finalists from hundreds of applications to enter the Challenge. Perfectsen will pitch our solution to a panel of the financial industry’s leading angels, VC’s and decision makers.

Perfectsen would be showcasing the Hook, a targeted cross-sell platform for Banks to monetise their digital channels including mobile and secured site, by providing the right products or deals to the customer at the right time based on a combination of matching criteria.  “Every bank is doing the same thing which is constantly pushing whatever promotions they got on hand to their pre-segmented base and hope for the best. But as much as they pour into CRM in trying to get their segmentation right, this method of blanket advertising is not only costly but also annoying users especially when the deals are not relevant to user.  We want to improve this process that not only increase conversion but also reduce their marketing cost.” said Stewart Chen, CEO of Perfectsen.

The winners of the Startup Challenge Showcase in Singapore will receive the opportunity to attend SIBOS in Dubai where they will compete for the $50,000 prize against other finalists from the New York and London Challenge Showcases.

Matteo Rizzi, Co-founder of Innotribe, says “I’m delighted to announce Perfectsen as a semi-finalist and look forward to discovering more about the business. This year’s semi-finalists have assessed the developments and trends in the region and have identified opportunities in the market. The entrants have each demonstrated a forward-thinking and innovative approach to the financial sector and have developed start-up businesses which could have profound impacts on the future of the industry. I’m extremely excited to give Perfectsen the opportunity to pitch its ideas to some of the top decision makers in the industry”.

“We’d like to thank SWIFT Innotribe, Invest NI, HP, Level39,Sberbank and the other Innotribe Challenge Partners for making the Innotribe Startup Challenge possible and choosing us as a semi-finalist”, adds Stewart.


About Perfectsen

A Malaysian based company who are experts in user engagement and conversion for Banks. Perfectsen provides online banking consultation services and the development of customised solutions to bring online banking to the next level. Among others, they provide PFM, big data analytics solutions, targeted advertising tools, merchant funded rewards, mobile apps, etc.  For more information, please visit https://www.perfectsen.com

About Innotribe

Launched in 2009, Innotribe is SWIFT’s initiative to enable collaborative innovation in financial services.  Innotribe presents an energising mix of education, new perspectives, collaboration, facilitation and incubation to professionals and entrepreneurs who are willing to drive change within their industry. It fosters creative thinking in financial services, through debating the options (at Innotribe events) and supporting the creation of innovative new solutions (through the Incubator, Startup Challenge and Proof of Concepts (POCs). It is through this approach, the Innotribe team at SWIFT is able to generate a platform that enables innovation across SWIFT and the financial community. For more information, please visit http://www.innotribe.com/.


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