Maybank, the largest bank in Malaysia today launched M2U Planner, a Personal Finance Management ( PFM ) solution delivered by Perfectsen after undergoing a successful closed trial period. This marks the first complete PFM solution offered by a Bank in the South East Asia region.

M2U planner is a PFM that is fully integrated and easily accessible within the existing Maybank2U online banking. It automatically tags user’s transactions, and allows users to have an overview of their financial health and at the same time capable of providing in-depth analysis of their spending habits. Moreover, customers can now perform financial planning within the solution such as buying a car or saving up for a rainy day.

“M2U Planner by Perfectsen is an easy and efficient way to manage personal money right at your finger tips.” commented Carol Yip, a personal finance management author and speaker.

All customers of Maybank in Malaysia would be able to use this service for free.  So if you are already a Maybank online banking user, do log on via otherwise, do open an account with the bank. For the rest of their customers in other parts Asia, stay tuned.

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