For customers of Maybank’s who wants to try their newly launched m2u planner personal finance management (PFM) solution , here’s a guide on how to access to it.

1) Log-in like how you normally would to your maybank2u online banking. You would then see m2u planner on the home page immediately after you successfully logged on (3rd row, 3rd column).

2) Once you clicked on the link and if you are a first time user, a pop-up like the following below would appear to introduce to you m2u planner. Just click to continue. Don’t worry, it’s FREE for Maybank users.

3) After you logged on,your dashboard would be empty for a day.  This happens only the very first time you enter the system. This step is to enable m2u Planner to sync up with your past transactions and for the system to automatically categorise all your transactions for you, making money management as easy as 1-2-3. Thereafter, your transactions would be updated daily.

Don’t forget to log-on the following day.

4) The next time you log in, you would see an easy dashboard view of your finances.  The solution is intuitive enough for you to click-and-try. But if you would like to get a better understanding of the entire solution, you can click “Tour this page” at the bottom as shown in the figure below.

5) A pop up would appear. Do note that each page pop-ups corresponds to the specific page itself.  There is also an introductory video for a quick guide:

Take control of your finances today by logging now to m2u :